How to illuminate the tent?


The night in the wild is particularly long. After the s […]

The night in the wild is particularly long. After the sun was completely set in the west, there was vast darkness all around, with only the moon and stars shining on the horizon. The inside of the tent was of course pitch black, and even the opponent's face was invisible. But if you go to bed immediately because of this, doesn’t it mean that you only enjoy half of the life in the wild? In a tent, or on a fire outside in the wild, chatting with family members or friends in the mountains away from the dominance of televisions or stereos is also One of the important activities of wild life. Or, if there is a book that is usually too busy to spare time to read, you can also read it slowly in the tranquil environment of nature. All in all, there is no "lighting" in the wild life. And it needs to be bright enough to read. So, what kind of lighting equipment should I use?



The first thing that must be stated is candles, oil lamps, gas lamps and other lighting fixtures, it is best to avoid

There are three reasons:
First, because most of the tents are made of chemical fibers, they are not heat resistant;
Second, the light is too weak;
Third, there will inevitably be the risk of fire.
Particular attention should be paid to candles. Not only the flame is direct, but it is also very easy to tip over. If you are not careful, it may cause a fire. Also. It will increase the temperature in the tent, which is also one of the disadvantages. However, although they are also candles, there are many new and colorful candles, so you might as well use them when you are together outside the tent. Compared with a flashlight, it can add more poetic and artistic flavor.

Battery type fluorescent lamp is the brightest and safest
The most suitable for lighting in tents is still electric lights. There is no risk of fire, nor does it increase the indoor temperature, and it has sufficient brightness for reading. The simplest and reasonable method is to use a large flashlight. The handle part can be hung in an appropriate place so that the light can be illuminated downward. Don't forget to bring more batteries. When you want to go outside the tent, just hold it in your hand. There is a lantern-type electric lamp, which not only has the function of the above-mentioned large flashlight, but also has the function of an oil lamp. Although it is more expensive, it can obtain higher brightness. It can be said to be the best lighting device for outdoor life.

If you only consider the lighting inside the tent, it is best to count battery-type fluorescent lamps. As long as it is hung horizontally on the ceiling of the tent, you can get the same light as a normal room. At the same time, it can also be erected and placed next to the pillow so that you can read a book before going to bed. In addition, when working manually at night or fishing at night, the most practical thing is the headlight. Others include dual-purpose flashlights additionally equipped with fluorescent lamps, and radio lamps in which a transistor radio and light are integrated. There are all kinds of practical and convenient lighting equipment for outdoor life, which can be purchased on the market.