How to use home tents and retractable tents?


In the tent series, household tents and retractable ten […]

In the tent series, household tents and retractable tents are commonly used around us. For the development of modernization, when building houses, people will bring a small retractable canopy to some windows. In public places, the designer will also leave him a canopy or sun umbrella.



Generally speaking, when you talk about rain tents, you will think of an image of an umbrella larger than an umbrella or a canvas propped up by four corners, that is, a movable tent. In fact, the most common telescopic tents now appear in the entrances and windows of buildings. The materials used are mainly glass or plastic. What everyone sees is the hanging type, but in public places, there are also activities tents that look like pavilions, which are convenient for people to shelter from the wind and rain when walking in the bustling streets, or to exhibit products!