What are the suggestions for the layout of large exhibition tents?


Whether you are holding a local merchandise promotion e […]

Whether you are holding a local merchandise promotion exhibition, or holding some handicraft fairs, or even an international trade fair like the Canton Fair, your exhibition tent design will be the key to your success. Properly designed, the tent is both practical and warm; improperly designed and chaotic layout will greatly reduce your exhibition impression. Advance exhibition planning and design, so that you have time to make any necessary adjustments before the start of the exhibition.



Some suggestions for the layout of exhibition tents:
1. Choose a color scheme. The exhibition tents of the commercial suppliers you buy are usually white, but the clever use of colors in the signs and tents will make your products and services more attractive to the audience. For example, a white banner with a red background, a red decorated booth, and a red border on some smaller signs and price tags will look very eye-catching and attractive.
2. Choose a booth that can display your products. For example, the square table backed by the side wall of the tent is covered with color-coordinated fabrics, and some small commodities or handicrafts are placed on it. Add a tiered platform to get more display space. At the same time, 3 to 4 meters of aisle should be left between the booths to avoid congestion caused by too many people. Things look better when they are hung, like textile products, which can be hung by the frame of the tent.
3. Design an attractive entrance to make your exhibition tent unique. Place waist-high tables on both sides in front of the opening of the tent, and then put your samples or colorful brochures as a creative way to attract the audience's attention. Hang some brightly colored objects on the beam above the entrance of the tent, such as bells or festive ornaments. If the exhibition can provide electricity, use small colored lights or small spotlights to design a lighting area in front of the tent.
4. Determine one or two elegant accessories to make the interior of your exhibition tent more beautiful in a pragmatic way, without affecting your main purpose-sales or communication. For example, if you are exhibiting jewelry, provide a mirror with a gorgeous frame so that customers can try on a necklace to see if it suits them. For some more commercial exhibition space design, you can arrange some elegant flower arrangements or infectious inkjet in some spaces, and you can use inkjet to spray the company on the triangle of the exhibition tent.
Logo or theme you want to express.
5. Leave some rest space for better work. If you have a soft folding chair between activities
Sit down and rest, then your day's exhibition work will be more efficient. If your task in the exhibition requires you to stand for a long time, you can leave a small corner on the floor of the tent so that you can rest your legs and body. At the same time, you can install an air conditioning system for your exhibition tents, direct-blowing air conditioning systems can be installed for exhibition tents below 4 meters, and duct air conditioning systems for exhibition tents above 5 meters.