What should I pay attention to when temporarily disassembling the tent?


The tent can be used as a temporary mobile building, or […]

The tent can be used as a temporary mobile building, or it can be a building that is actually needed. Whether it is provided for storage, exhibition, celebration, etc., with temporary use, it must be temporarily dismantled. The key between technical installation and disassembly. For the sake of safety, the general dismantling of the tent must be done by a professional technician, not automatic forced dismantling. Even if professionally disassembled technically, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points.

The dismantling process should not be chaotic. Generally speaking, the installation is required to proceed step by step according to the process, but the dismantling process is also carried out according to the process, the sequence should be stable, this is to confirm that the dismantling process does not cause the temporary collapse of the tent. , Suffered severe danger, also ensured that each component is intact.

Technician’s safety suit is to pay attention to the dangers. Even if the tent needs to be dismantled temporarily, the technician must complete the peripheral safety elements to ensure the safety of the technician. Safety elements.

Dismantling the management of the tent data should be dealt with in time if parts or accessories are damaged or lost. Do not prolong the canopy body on the ground to avoid soiling and scratching. It is important to manage the classification of disassembled parts and place all the materials, components, and parts so that the service life will not be affected.

Even if the tent can be temporarily built, it can also be temporarily dismantled. According to the dismantling process, paying attention to the above points, it is also necessary to reduce the number of dismantling the tent, in order to not affect the service life and safety quality.