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What are the characteristics and applications of advertising tents?

Advertising tent alias folding tent, awning. It can be used to hold outdoor exhibitions and product promotions, celebration parties, exhibitions and sales, tourism and leisure, field operations, and food stalls. It can also be used for temporary activities such as singing and dancing parties, and can also be used as long-term leisure facilities in park tourist resort scenic spots. It is simple to operate and easy to install: it is simple and convenient to open and close in one minute. Lightweight and Durable: Easy to carry, open and use, and have a long service life. High-quality fabric, rainproof, sunscreen, durable, easy to clean, suitable for all weather. After the tent is assembled for the first time, there is no need to disassemble and assemble it, which is convenient and simple.

1. The installation can be completed within 1 minute. It is light and durable, easy to carry, and retractable. The telescopic pillar can adjust the height of the tent arbitrarily. It is suitable for different environments and terrains, and is simple and stable. It is easy to disassemble and carry, and can be quickly folded and folded when you want to move. PVC Oxford cloth is waterproof and sunscreen, durable and easy to clean, complete specifications, and various colors.
2. All products are stitched with imported double-needle car, which has a water chestnut, three-dimensional appearance, stronger wind resistance, and more firmness and durability.
3. There is a hook on each of the four corners of the tent, its function (1): it is beautiful; (2) it is convenient for the rope to pull the sandbag or the ground nail to prevent the tent from being damaged by the strong wind and play a windproof role.
4. There is 1 layer of lining on the top of the tent, and the double-layer top is more wear-resistant and durable.
5. The height of the tent pole is 1 meter, the drainage is smoother, the hanging edge is 32 cm, and the hanging edge can be straight or wavy.

The tent can be used alone or in conjunction with multiple joint ventures, with a wider and more flexible range of applications. It is suitable for large-scale exhibitions, groups, public affairs, mobile stalls, hotels, clubs, schools and other outdoor sports and tourism and leisure, beaches, wild, adventure activities. It can be used as temporary places, temporary garages, workplaces, etc., and can Printing advertising is an ideal choice for promoting corporate image and tourism and leisure.

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