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What is the importance of the shape of the tent for camping?

The shape of the tent is very important. It can be circular, it can be a passage, it can be a small house, it can also be a frame, and some can even be a mixture of multiple types. Simple ridge tent, it is very strong and stable, basic dome tent, people add another flexible support pole to create a very useful porch.

Ridged tents are very strong. Whether it is a small single tent or a large multi-person tent, they are easy to install and are still used as a haven. But the shortcoming of the ridge tent is obvious, that is, there is not enough space on the edge of the tent, and the support pole is always in the middle of the entrance, blocking the door. To solve this problem, people replaced a single support pole with an "A" frame. There is a support pole on both sides of the entrance, but this will increase the weight of the tent.

Dome tents basically bend a flexible support rod into a semicircle, and both ends are fixed on a cloth belt or waist belt that passes through the base of the tent, which is usually part of the moisture-proof cloth. Two flexible support rods cross in the middle to form a square dome, and the three support rods are hexagonal. In this way, the edge of the tent will be more vertical, so the height space will be better. The stability of the small top tent is good, but the larger the tent, the worse the stability.


Since dome tents may not make the most of the space, people use flexible supports in a different way, lining up to create passage tents. As the yurt and aisle tents began to grow, tent designers began to add more rooms to the original design. This trend started in France, where the central part of the huge tent is the activity area, with a room on each side as a sleeping cabin. The two bedrooms are opposite, so the French describe them as "face to face" tents. Interestingly, the "face-to-face" tent may be a dome tent or tunnel tent, but in fact, the original "face-to-face" tent is a square frame tent.

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