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What should I avoid when using tents on rainy days?

When it rains, we need umbrellas; when the sun is strong, we also need umbrellas. But sometimes it is divided into homework, we need to apply it to the tent. It has a wide range of uses and brings great convenience to our homework. Many customers will ask a question, is it simply bad for tents to be exposed to the sun all the time? In fact, the tent will be broken if exposed to the sun for a long time, so we must pay attention to its maintenance during the use process.






There are all kinds of tents on the market. We should choose good quality when we choose. Don't pay for what you pay for because of the price. In the process of application, you should correct them in time if you don’t understand. The use of tents should prevent them. Industry dynamics. Outdoor activities are often carried out by people now. People living in the city devote themselves to outdoor sports, even if they enjoy it. The magnificence of nature, in this outdoor activity, there should be one thing missing for travel, it is the tent.


It is a very important equipment, which can be supported on the ground to protect from the rain and serve as a place for temporary residence. However, the use of tents should prevent some things in order to ensure that there are no accidents. In the process of application, people have questions about it. In the event of a thunderstorm, can it be a good lightning protection? Our answer is that it is possible, mainly due to the raw materials of the tent and the geographical location where the tent is established. The higher the conductor, the more the lightning will hit first.


So we can choose some places with lower terrain to prevent camping next to high points. If we want to use the folding tent for a longer time, first of all, we can't stand on the tent to test the bearing capacity. In addition to being unsafe, it will also cause damage to the tent accessories. When the tent is stained with dust, we need to clean it with warm soapy water. The cleaning of the folding tent is different from our laundry, and it cannot be put in the washing machine.

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