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What kind of transparent tent is best for outdoor wedding weddings?

At present, there are more and more weddings in outdoor tents, and transparent tents are favored by everyone because of their high-end and unique appearance. However, there are many types of transparent tents available, and which large transparent tents are more suitable for outdoor wedding use. What? Different transparent tents have their own suitable applications. AAA recommends several transparent tents for outdoor activities: Herringbone transparent tent Because the herringbone canopy has many specifications, it can be used for a wide range of activities. The most commonly used transparent tents are made up of a herringbone canopy with a fully transparent tarpaulin. Transparent tarpaulin, you can also choose to use a transparent glass wall to create a higher-end tent. Moreover, the technology of the herringbone canopy is quite mature, and there are many optional specifications. The span of 10 meters to 70 meters can be done. The tents of different specifications can be selected according to the number of guests in the wedding. The tents can be protected against 8-10 in the outdoor. Gale, the overall cost is relatively cheap, it will be a good choice for outdoor wedding, the only minor drawback is the lack of new ideas! Combined European style spire tent The combined tent has its own unique shape, which can be combined with a pointed tent and a grenade tent, a combination of a spire and a tent, a combination of multiple spires, or a combination of a spire and a curved tent. The appearance can be changed, the shape is beautiful, the style is novel, but the cost is higher than that of the flip-top tent. Most of them are customized, which is a good choice for high-end weddings. Since the launch of the spherical transparent tent from the spherical tent, the reaction in the market has been quite hot, and the spherical transparent tent is also made of transparent PVC tarpaulin. The unique reticulated shell structure can be selected from 3-50 meters in diameter. , can provide space for different sizes of activities. However, the current fully transparent spherical tents are more suitable for small-sized spheres, such as tent hotels, ecological gardens, leisure spaces, commercial exhibitions, etc. If large-size spherical tents are recommended, it is more suitable to use translucent tarpaulins. . The unique appearance and variety of spherical transparent tents make it more creative for weddings! The overall structure of the spherical glass tent is not much different from the spherical transparent tent, but there is a big difference in the use of the material. Due to the practical shortcomings of the transparent PVC tarpaulin, the glass ball adopts double-layer transparent tempered glass. The traditional transparent PVC tarpaulin is banned, which gives it a higher-end atmosphere and better resistance to wind and weather, and has a long service life. However, the only shortcoming of the glass ball tent is the high cost, which will be suitable for some high-end wedding activities! At present, the most recommended outdoor wedding use is the conventional herringbone transparent tent and the spherical transparent tent room. Although there are advantages and disadvantages between the two, the overall appearance and practicality can bring good benefits to the activity. Of course, there are many types of transparent tents that AAA can offer. If you have a need, we can also customize a special transparent tent solution for you!

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