A new era of refreshing wedding - outdoor tent wedding


If you let me remember the few sweetest moments of your […]

If you let me remember the few sweetest moments of your life, for most people, weddings must be an integral part of them. Outdoor tents are used for weddings to create a unique outdoor tent wedding. In recent years, weddings have become a trend. Many stars choose outdoor weddings because they are more romantic and guests can be more free and close to nature. If you are also eager for a romantic outdoor wedding, then do you have such concerns: outdoor weddings encounter a sudden change in weather, outdoor weddings do not need a tent, where can rent a good tent? Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. As a professional tent company, you can use the most favorable wedding tent price to provide you with a wedding tent to help you create a beautiful romantic outdoor wedding!
Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. offers a choice of wedding tents for a variety of options, including a choice of ultra-high transparent tents, or a unique novelty ball-shaped tent, regardless of the size of the specification, span by 3- 60 meters freely customizable, optional side height 2.6-8 meters, tent length is not limited, can extend unlimitedly in multiples of 3 meters or 5 meters, and the spherical tent can be up to 40 meters in diameter, so it can be applied to different occasions, Weddings of different sizes, as small as a few dozens, as many as thousands of outdoor weddings, Tengcheng tents can provide suitable wedding tents!
Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. has German TUV certification, quality and safety guarantee, with wind, waterproof, anti-UV, flame retardant and other performance advantages, can withstand 8-10 winds, to ensure that your outdoor wedding will not be weather The impact, even in the rainy days, guests can rest and chat in the tent, without sacrificing the festive atmosphere.
And we also have a variety of accessories, including flooring, carpets, lighting, fabrics, stage, audio, air conditioning and more. Because many people in wedding occasions wear high heels, the floor is necessary; the outdoor temperature changes greatly, the temperature is high at noon, and it may get cold at night, while the air conditioning, ventilation equipment, etc. in the tent can be The temperature is relatively stable; Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. can also hang cloths and lightings, and a variety of colors to choose from, customizing your romantic wedding. Tengcheng Tent will create an unforgettable luxury wedding wedding reception for you. It is worth mentioning that the wedding tent is not only beautiful and practical, but also the Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. is much cheaper than the wedding in the big hotel. The high cost performance is suitable for every new couple who want to have an outdoor wedding!
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