Advantages of industrial storage tents


The tent is a new kind of temporary building for outdoo […]

The tent is a new kind of temporary building for outdoor activities. It is an application of the tent. It is light and convenient to store and transport. It is called “mobile real estate”. It is widely used in temporary warehouses, factory buildings, temporary construction, exhibition tents, construction tents, and emergency relief. The tent is a brand new concept for the international masses. It has only gradually appeared in people's daily outdoor activities in recent years. It consists of a base movable frame and tarpaulin. The frame generally has alloy and steel as the main components. It is convenient to store and has the characteristics of small size. Tarpaulin is a very important part of the tent. Its quality directly affects the safety of the tent. It is also closely related to the safety of the event. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high quality tarpaulin. The tent design concept is safe, fast and elegant. The products range from 3 meters to 60 meters. The main types are: small tents, cone canopies, garden tents, party tents, holiday tents, holiday tents, wedding tents, awnings, curved tents, arcs. Top tents, pointed tents, polygonal tents, double-story tents, etc., while tailoring the products needed for customers, providing creative space solutions to meet the individual needs of customers.
Since the introduction of the “Tent House” in China in the 1990s, it has been developed to a certain extent and has been accepted by most enterprises. The miniatures of the tents can be seen in large industrial warehouses, exhibitions, wedding venues and other places. Because of the “fast” nature of the tents, it caters to the fast-paced urban life of modern people, and it also has the characteristics of general building safety and customizable. Therefore, in the future, the role of tents in people’s lives will become increasingly prominent. .
Whether you need a permanent industrial application building or a temporary building that grows as your business grows, it's the ideal solution. The convenience of our warehouse building provides flexible space for the company's off-season and flexible distribution of the site, avoiding hidden costs such as site leasing and off-site turnover due to production needs.
Warehouse tent buildings do not require permanent foundations and can be built on almost any floor – asphalt, concrete or grass. The tent is far more economical and flexible than the traditional steel structure, and there is no trouble with the land permit required to build the building. Maintenance is both simple and inexpensive due to the low requirements on the basic conditions and the low cost. Most critically, the modular design of the warehouse tents provides a good foundation for the integration of warehouse tents and can be tailored to your needs for industrial applications.
The industrial storage tent building uses German technology and complies with international building codes. The storage tent building constructed according to the operating specifications can withstand wind speeds of at least 80KM/hour. The structure can be selected from any span of 3 meters to 60 meters, and the length is infinitely spliced. There are no load-bearing pillars inside the tent.
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