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Advantages of Spire Tent

[Steeple Tent] Advantages: 1. Aluminum frame structure does not rust, double-sided PVC plastic coated tarpaulin. 2. The product has the functions of anti-level 8 wind, rain, sun, flame retardant (up to B1 and M2). 3, with luxurious spires, can be closed around and can be opened at will. 4. Flexible installation and convenient storage. [Steeple Tent] It can be built in open spaces such as open squares, back gardens, balconies, corridors, etc. There is no requirement on the ground. Grass, sand, mud, concrete, and tiled marble can be set up. The specifications are 3 * 3, 4 * 4, 5 * 5, 6 * 6, 8 * 8, 10 * 10, etc .; the colors are red, white, transparent, blue, gray, etc. [Steeple Tent] is very fashionable in Europe and America, and is widely used in various countries around the world. Tents are widely used in exhibitions, events, storage and other fields. It can be used as a long-term leisure facility in parks, tourist scenic areas, and resort areas, or as a temporary outdoor room. It can also be combined through several spire tents to serve as a place for dining activities such as tea rooms and restaurants. Compared with a small house, the spire tent gives you a closed and safe space. You can use it for various purposes, because the tent tent is really too practical and durable. The aluminum alloy frame of the tent tent It can not be damaged for more than ten or twenty years. The PVC tarpaulin can be used for at least 5-6 years. If the tarpaulin is broken, replace it with a new one and continue to use it.

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