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Ball Tent: I heard this is the most eye-catching building

Indoor exhibitions, restaurants, and hotels are not new, and common tents are difficult to meet personal requirements. Want more novel and special mobile buildings? What you need is probably a ball tent! How special is the ball tent, Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. Will tell you right away! The spherical tent is called "the strongest space, the lightest weight, and the fastest construction speed (1000 square meters of tent construction in one day), and the smallest design of logistics transportation space (using short metal tube splicing, lightweight construction profile Portable). " The shape of the ball-shaped tent combination is free and changeable, and the building is flexible, which can create an unrestricted personality space anytime, anywhere. The ball-shaped tent built on the lawn is very eye-catching, and the design of the door opening is also very unique, which makes people want to check it out! Under the light, the color of the tent is even more gorgeous! The spherical tent with such a unique shape has more transparent light inside and more free use of space. It can be used in various exhibitions, celebrations and outdoor activities.

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