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Can Folding Umbrellas Withstand Strong Winds and Heavy Rain?

Are folding umbrellas able to withstand strong winds and heavy rain?
If you want to avoid the frustration of being caught in a storm with a cheap and weak umbrella, you need to invest in one that can handle tough conditions. Luckily, you can find many high-quality windproof models that will hold up against a variety of weather conditions.

Choosing the Right Umbrella
Folding umbrellas come in different sizes and styles, so it's important to choose one that is best for your needs. Some are small enough to fit in your purse or glove box in your car, while others are large and can cover you completely during a storm.
A few things to consider when choosing an umbrella include the size, type of frame, and opening mechanism. The main options are manual (you push it open and close yourself), automatic (it automatically opens and closes) or auto-open/close (a button opens and closes the umbrella).

Fiberglass Ribs
If you're looking for a windproof umbrella, you'll want to look for one with fiberglass ribs. These ribs are much stiffer than traditional ones, and they're less likely to break when hit with heavy winds.
In addition, you should check to see if the frame has stretchers, which are small supports that branch off of the shaft and connect to the ribs. These small pieces of hardware allow the ribs to move up and down with the wind, rather than being rigid all the time.

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