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Can the foldable gazebo be stored in direct sunlight?

Foldable gazebos are not recommended to be stored in direct sunlight.
Direct sunlight can cause the surface materials of pavilions (such as plastic, fabric, or metal) to fade, age, or deform. In addition, strong sunlight may also increase the temperature inside the pavilion, thereby accelerating the aging and damage of materials.
If it is necessary to store the foldable gazebo in a place directly exposed to sunlight, it is recommended to take the following measures to protect the pavilion:
Use sunshades: You can purchase sunshades specifically designed for pavilions to protect them from direct sunlight.
Regular flipping and cleaning: Regularly flipping the components of the pavilion to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, and regularly cleaning to remove dust and dirt.
Choose weather resistant materials: When purchasing a foldable gazebo, choose materials with good weather resistance, such as fabrics with UV protection or specially treated metals.
In summary, in order to protect the foldable gazebo and extend its service life, it is recommended to store it away from direct sunlight or take appropriate measures to reduce the impact of sunlight.

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