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Construction skills for small size spherical tents

The spherical tent is a new type of tent that has emerged in recent years. Because of its solid structure and high comfort and large internal capacity, it is very popular among camping enthusiasts. On the other hand, the spherical tent adopts a spherical reticulated shell structure, which has the characteristics of a grid structure and a thin shell structure. The material is saved but the force performance is quite good, which can effectively overcome the inconvenience caused by some site problems. The increasing use of spherical tents and the construction of tents have also received attention. In general, spherical tents with a diameter of less than 10 meters can be installed by themselves without the help of manufacturers.   Therefore, the following Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. will introduce the construction skills of small-sized spherical tents.   Prepare tools before building, such as wrenches, hardware toolboxes, scaffolding, seat belts, etc. It is best to prepare several people in advance to better complete the construction work. It is worth noting that it is best to check the packaging, rods, and accessories before installation, and sort out the accessories according to the assembly drawing. Then officially began to build.   1. First of all, we must ensure that the terrain of the spherical tent is basically flat, then set a center on the ground, draw a circle according to the spherical specifications, and determine the location where the tent door is to be placed. The scope of the tent is ours. Painted circle. Then place the base and the rod according to the bottom circle. After the laying is completed, the base and the rod are linked into a circular base. (Note that all the rods should be installed on the inner side of the base)   2. After the base is completed, prepare the first layer of pipe, and lay it on the ground according to the code on the assembly drawing, connect the corresponding bar to the bottom base, and then connect the horizontal pipe layer to complete the first layer. After the triangle structure is built, the second layer can be built in the same way, and the appropriate rods are connected to the designated nodes according to the coded mark, so that the higher level construction can be completed several times. (The order of connection between the bars should be noted. The inner layer of the rod is placed inside, the lower layer is placed in the middle, and the horizontally connected rod is placed at the outermost layer.)   3. The top structure is built in the same way. If the height is inconvenient to install, you can choose to install the top part of the ball on the ground first, then use the ladder or scaffolding to lift the top of the ball to the connection with the bottom, and be sure to Make sure that all the joints are fastened so that the frame of the spherical tent is basically obtained.   4. After the frame is completed, the door shall be installed, the arch door and the reserved door position of the frame shall be connected, the frame shall be adjusted to the correct position, and finally the bottom base shall be fixed on the ground to ensure the safety and stability of the spherical tent. However, the fixing methods of different terrains are different. Conventional concrete and concrete floors can be used for expansion bolts. The soft ground of grassland can be selected by means of steel brazing. For special terrain that cannot be destroyed, the method of bearing or building a platform can be selected.   5. After the spherical frame is fixed, it should be covered with tarpaulin. Firstly, make sure that the tarpaulin opening is in the same direction as the frame door. Then pull the tarpaulin to cover it. Be careful to damage the tarpaulin tangled rod. If the tarpaulin is finally cloaked It is not the same as the frame door, just pull it to the right position.   6. Finally, tighten the tarpaulin so that the tarpaulin better covers the surface of the frame. There is an inner layer at the bottom of the inner side of the tarpaulin, the stretching rod is passed through the inner layer, the screw is passed through the hole of the stretching rod, and the hole on the base or the horizontal rod at the bottom is hooked, and the tarpaulin is pressed again. The construction of the tent can be completed by fixing with a nut.   Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. offers some construction techniques for spherical tents. You are also welcome to browse Tengcheng's official website for more tent information.

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