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Curved tent with large fan-shaped tent

The fan-shaped tent means that the tent cannot extend in a straight line due to the limitation of the site. It extends to a side at a certain angle. It is mainly used for non-conventional sites such as circular, circular and curved, and is tailored according to the actual site. Tent. The product adopts high-strength oxidized aluminum alloy profile frame. The tarpaulin adopts flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, which conforms to European DIN4102B1 and M2 standards, and becomes the first tent enterprise in China to obtain CE certification. Optional accessories for the tent: 1. Top cloth: 650-1050g/m2 PVC synthetic fiber cloth, available in semi-transparent and opaque; commonly used in white, with multiple colors (double-sided or single-sided) and fully transparent top Optional cloth. 2. Cloth: The cloth is divided into two types: transparent window and non-window. It is usually white, and a variety of colors (double-sided or single-sided) are available. Personalized customization: Top cloth and cloth can be screen printed or printed according to user needs. 3, wall: In addition to PVC cloth around the tent, you can also choose glass curtain wall, ABS hard side wall, sandwich wall, color steel wall. 4, the door: glass double door, glass single door, glass sliding door, rolling door and so on. 5, counterweight: expansion screws fixed (for cement floor), ground nails (for grass, sand, etc.), load-bearing objects fixed (for marble floor). 6. Internal support: top sill, cofferdam decoration, lighting, air conditioning, etc. garden gazebo

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