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Do you know the role of outdoor awnings?

Build a drying place
Under the awning is a place to dry clothes. The awning can block the wind and rain, and the lower part of the awning can be equipped with a drying rack to dry the clothes. Even if it rains suddenly when you go out, it will not hurt. More importantly, it can block the damage of ultraviolet rays to the clothes and prevent the clothes from fading and becoming old.

Block UV radiation
The awning can effectively block ultraviolet radiation, reduce indoor temperature and reduce air conditioning load. According to statistics from awning manufacturers, comparing windows with awnings and no awnings can save about 60% of cooling energy consumption. Installing shading systems in offices, high buildings, schools and public places with large windows can effectively block direct sunlight, play a very good shading effect, and protect indoor floors and furniture to a certain extent.

Adjust the indoor lighting environment
The outdoor awning can adjust the indoor lighting environment of the building. While blocking the hot summer, it can reflect the strong sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, without affecting the viewing of the outdoor scenery. Under the circumstances, people's living space is extended from indoor to outdoor, which greatly increases people's living space.

Constructing a small outdoor living room
Under the awning, a small outdoor living room with a sense of openness can be formed. With tables, chairs, barbecue tableware, natural polycarbon wood crafts, and favorite green plants, you can have a party with your family and friends and enjoy the beauty together. time.

Build a balcony garden
Bees fly and butterflies dance, and the terrace under the awning is also a good place for you to experience the fun of the home garden and vegetable garden. After the busy work, make a pot of hot tea and watch the flowers and plants.

Beautify the building
The shading cloth used for shading has a variety of patterns and colors. The user can choose the appropriate awning according to the shape of the building, and can also personalize the design around the windows and balconies according to the user's taste, so that the awning is equipped with awnings. Buildings are more distinctive, thereby enhancing the overall image of the building.

Build an outdoor work space
The installation of the awning can be used for DIY operations that are difficult to perform indoors. The awning creates a safe outdoor space that is protected from wind and rain, which is suitable for the maintenance of fishing rods and golf equipment, which takes up more space.


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