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Features and advantages of outdoor dome tents?

The outdoor dome tent is a new tent with a novel reticulated structure. It has a more unique and attractive hemisphere appearance. It also has the superior safety performance of a conventional A-type tent, so it has a wide range of applications in the outdoors, if you Want to bring more new ideas to the event, the yurt is a good choice! Application of yurt commercial activities: The appearance of outdoor spherical exhibition tents and yurts can be said to add a lot of new vitality to commercial activities. Its 3-50 meters of various specifications make the dome tent suitable for many different business activities, such as: new products exhibition , car exhibitions, outdoor promotions, business meetings, new product launches, and more. Moreover, the yurt itself has various changes, and the tarpaulin can be selected in various forms such as color, transparency, information printing, etc., as well as various creative ways such as light projection and ball screen projection, which can bring better activities. Business benefits! Dome tent scenic camp application: The hemisphere tent hotel can be said to be the most eye-catching application of the dome tent in the scenic camp. Its unique hemisphere appearance is not only easy to attract tourists, but also highly integrated with the surrounding environment, such as grass, lake, beach and many other places can be easily It is built and has a large accommodation space inside the spherical tent of 5-6 meters in diameter. As long as it is equipped with complete facilities, it can bring a comfortable living experience in a natural and beautiful environment. In addition to the spherical tent hotel, the various specifications of the yurt can also be used as a dining tent, service center and other applications in the scenic camp! Application of the dome tent large event: Spherical beer festival tents, large music festival tents, exposition tents, large-scale exhibition activities, etc. Because large-scale activities often require a large space, large-span tents are usually chosen, but with Guangzhou Tengcheng Tent Co., Ltd. With the technological innovation of the yurt, the yurt can also provide a large space for the event. The 5-100-diameter spherical tent can be selected to meet the needs of various events such as Oktoberfest, music festival and dome theater. With the light projection and the ball screen projection, it can bring the atmosphere of the event. And Celtic also has a large yurt combination scheme, which can provide a large number of yurts for the event, and connect them together through the passage to provide a large space for the event! Dome tents have many novel applications in the outdoor as a new tent. The Tengcheng tent has a variety of success stories in the yurt. No matter what creative ideas you have and what kind of activities you need to apply, we can You offer the most suitable dome tent program!

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