How is the outdoor scenic tent hotel getting hotter and hotter?


How to make tents in outdoor camps more and more popula […]

How to make tents in outdoor camps more and more popular. In recent years, tents in various scenic spots across the country have been used for accommodation, tents have been used as hotels, and tents have become more and more popular. The hotel tents have integral brackets with aluminum alloy structure. It can not rust in the outdoor humid environment, and it can be folded at any time. The shape is very beautiful and novel. Compared with the wooden house, it has its unique advantages and greatly meets the needs of the scenic spot.
The luxury scenic tent hotel is not the kind of simple tent that we usually find. It is an outdoor tent hotel that needs to be built and can provide a comfortable experience. At present, many camps and scenic spots are planning to purchase scenic tents. What kind of scenic tents are suitable? ?
Polygonal Tent Hotel
Polygonal tent hotel generally adopts hexagonal, octagonal, dodecagonal, and hexagonal shapes. The wall can be made of tempered glass, decorative hanging board, solid wood, ABS board, tarpaulin, etc. The area can be customized. Hotel-style tents are generally about 25 square meters, and the suites are about 45 square meters. Polygonal hotel tents are also commonly used in scenic tent restaurants, scenic tourist reception centers, cafe book bar tents, etc.
Scenic camping tents can play a lot in the outdoors, but for scenic wilderness tents used in camps or scenic spots, the most important thing is to have an ornamental and comfortable living experience. Although there are many types of tents suitable for use in the scenic area, spherical tents, polygonal tent hotels, tent villas, tent restaurants, with a variety of changes and affordable prices will be more suitable choices!
There are many specifications for spherical tents. Generally speaking, spherical tents with a diameter of 5-10 meters are suitable, but the spherical tents with large diameters are still determined according to actual needs. For example: the size of the scenic spot The number of tents required, the total amount of funds, the general 5 meter diameter spherical tent has almost 20 square meters, the interior can be added some small furniture and simple decoration, to create a good living space, the price is about 6000-7000. Of course, if you have sufficient funds, you can choose a larger diameter specification!
Appearance is a very important factor for scenic tents. Generally, the traditional spherical scenic tents are made of galvanized iron pipes and translucent tarpaulins. However, with the homogenization of domestic products, if you want to use scenic tents as a selling point to attract tourists, then Do more work on the style. At present, in order to make the spherical shape more varied, the Celtic tent has introduced a variety of novel materials such as aluminum alloy frame, wooden frame, multi-color tarpaulin, tarpaulin pattern printing, PC board, tempered glass, etc. Different styles of scenic tents.
For example, high-end glass ball tents with aluminum frame and tempered glass, but the price is relatively high, it is recommended to be a pilot experience or a VIP room.
Wooden ball tent
There is also a wooden frame spherical tent with better environmental integration, and the wood is not heat-conducting. Even in high temperature areas, the entire tent space will not be too hot.
For a well-developed camp and scenic area, it is not so simple to provide accommodation, so there are also very different areas of the camp, such as service, hospitality, restaurant areas, these general applications are generally herringbone canopies or arched tents. It is quite suitable, it is characterized by low cost and can provide ample space. Of course, if you want the camp to be more distinctive, you can also choose a spherical tent. The large-scale spherical tent not only has enough space to divide different functional areas, but also can create a large comprehensive service center or theme restaurant for the camp!
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