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How to arrange a wedding tent?

Nowadays, many people like to hold weddings outdoors, when the outdoor wedding tents can come in handy. The Guangzhou Wedding Tent provides a vast area for your wedding event organizers, but lacks warmth due to the vast space. How can the wedding tent be arranged to create intimacy? What should I do when designing the interior of the event tent?
1. Determine the size and type of the tent:
First determine the size and type of wedding tent you want to rent based on your wedding budget and the number of guests invited to the banquet. The most common types of outdoor wedding tents include party tents, event tents, and wedding tents, all with a variety of layout options. The use of party tents is more personal and intimate, and the use of wedding tents is more fashionable and festive, and the atmosphere of the tents is more open.
2. It is recommended to choose a transparent tarpaulin:
The awning canopy can be selected from both transparent and opaque tarpaulins. In order to be closer to nature, most people will choose a fully transparent tarpaulin, through the canopy, blue sky, white clouds, green hills, green water, laughter, reveal love. Eternal.
Stage tent
3. Determine the theme and color of the wedding banquet:
Decorate the location of the wedding or the theme color of the wedding reception, decorate your wedding reception with gold, silver, crimson or an elegant and simple black and white color scheme with different decorations such as fabric, lights, ribbons, carpets, etc. Party.
4. Configure enough lights:
Wedding banquets are generally more at night, in order to be able to make the darkness of the wedding tents enough to ensure enough light. Need to configure enough lights, of course, you can also consider the use of flashing lights, colored lights, and even neon lights to set the romantic mood, you can also put the beautifully placed candles on the table to add more light and atmosphere.

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