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How to buy a folding umbrella?

1. Umbrella arc according to personal needs
Some umbrellas have a large curvature, like a mushroom shape, and are suitable for single use. This type of umbrella is more popular with Europeans and Americans and has better wind resistance; some umbrellas have a small curvature and a large range of rain protection, suitable for multiple people to support together. , but the wind resistance is poor.

2. Umbrella bones are more sturdy
The quality of the umbrella ribs determines the quality of an umbrella. For umbrellas on the market, most of the ribs are 6 to 16. The more ribs, the higher the wind resistance. If there is a thin and elastic wire support between the rib and the rib, the umbrella will be more stable.

3. Straight pole umbrella is more durable
The storage and portability of the folding umbrella is higher than that of the upright umbrella, but considering the sturdiness, even if there are the same number of ribs and the same material of the upright umbrella and the folding umbrella, the durability of the upright umbrella will be higher than that of the folding umbrella. The umbrella needs to be folded, the gap between the umbrella rib and the umbrella cloth surface will be larger, and it is easier to be damaged due to strong wind.

4. Turn the top of the umbrella to see the tightness
Taking the upright umbrella as an example, the top of the umbrella is mostly plastic or metal. The top of the plastic umbrella is easy to crack after being exposed to the sun and rain for a long time; if the top of the metal umbrella is not kept dry, it is easy to rust. When purchasing, you can turn it a little with your fingers. If it can be turned, it means that the density is not good and it is easy to fall off. If there is a metal ring under the top of the umbrella, which is called the array cap, you can also turn the array cap to see if it is firm. It is better if there are rivets on the array cap.

5. Turn the umbrella and try the handle
Open the umbrella, hold the middle section of the main rib with your left hand, hold the handle of the umbrella with your right hand, and turn the umbrella with your right hand, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, repeatedly, so that you can know whether the handle and the rib are firm.

6. Folding and Pulling Trial
Folding umbrella is most afraid of the main umbrella rib getting stuck. It is best to try the action of pulling and pulling the main umbrella rib several times when purchasing. It feels smooth when pulling, and the quality of the umbrella is good. If you feel stuck, don't buy it.


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