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How to Choose a Garden Gazebo?

When it comes to choosing the right gazebo for your garden, you'll want to consider the shape and size of the structure. There are four main shapes to choose from: round, square, octagonal, and dodecagon. The dodecagon is ideal for accommodating large groups and filling expansive spaces.

A gazebo's aesthetic appeal can help increase the value of a home. Even a plain garden can look more elegant with a gazebo. These structures are perfect for hosting outdoor barbecues, outdoor dinner parties, and even backyard weddings. They can also be covered for the cooler winter months, which means that you can enjoy your garden in the shade all year-round.

A garden gazebo can be a focal point over a hot tub or provide shaded outdoor seating. Many gazebos are made from metal, wood, or other sturdy material. A typical gazebo is octagonal with posts on eight corners, a rail all around, and a small cupola on top. Although not all gazebos follow this classic design, most adhere to it close enough to be recognizable as a gazebo.

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