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How to choose the right tent size?

How do you know if the size of a tent is right for you? Here is a little trick to choose the size of the tent-not necessarily perfect, but very practical: measure the size of your sleeping mat, and then choose the size of the tent to match. Width is another particularly critical criterion-according to this criterion, if you plan to choose a double tent, the tent must be at least 40 inches wide so that the person sleeping inside can barely sleep-and when two people sleep It will be crowded. In this way, if you want to sleep more comfortably, you have to choose a wider one when choosing a tent. If you often turn over when you sleep, the tent must be wider. Then choose the size of the base fabric of the tent according to this size. The size of the base fabric of the tent is often related to the sense of space and temperature in the tent. Of course, to be more precise, this indicator actually refers to the maximum width of a tent base fabric. Generally speaking, this maximum width tends to appear where the shoulders are when the person is lying in the tent, and then the tent will gradually narrow at the feet, and at the same time, the top of the tent will gradually become lower. These will affect the space inside the tent. Of course, the spacious tent inside feels better, but such a tent will also be heavier. Tips: Are you planning to choose a 2-person tent? Do you need to consider a more adaptable tent in order to better adapt to your future travel needs? For example, if you have the possibility Will be a single person hiking, or a long-distance bicycle trip, if such a flower, a 1-2 person account may be a better choice. If you plan to travel for two, but occasionally invite a friend or relative, then you can consider a 2-3 person account, or purchase a 3 person account directly. This will make it more flexible, and it can also provide you with more space when using it. Extra tips Do you often need to camp in rainy weather? If so, consider choosing a more spacious tent and adding a removable ceiling inside the tent. This kind of suspended ceiling is like a net-shaped hammock hanging under the canopy. You can put the items to be dried on it at night and shake it from time to time to make these items faster. Of drying. Laying a layer of waterproof cloth or floor cloth under the tent can better protect the bottom surface of the tent and extend its life. In addition, folding the tent on the ground cloth is also cleaner. Does everyone need a tent? In the eyes of some strong men, the tent is just a luxury burden. Some people even think that as long as a tarpaulin, a few ropes, and a smart head, it is enough for a person to find a satisfactory shelter for himself in the wild. It should be admitted that in most cases, this view is still valid. But if the bad weather comes unexpectedly, the cold wind and the rain fall all night, blowing the coolness of your cool; or all kinds of blood-sucking bites suddenly swarming out, surrounding you, or living in your campsite Many ants in an ant hill next to it suddenly developed a strong interest in you. In the wild, all these situations are not uncommon. In view of this, most hikers are still willing to add a little burden to their backpacks. Carrying a tent can provide a safe and closed environment for themselves. If carefully selected, a suitable tent will only add a little weight to your backpack, but in return, when a tent is lying in your backpack, it will also give you confidence and make you feel at ease Cope with most of the sudden environmental changes encountered during the journey.

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