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How to Choose Waterproof Tents

It is important to choose a waterproof tent that is well-made and withstands the elements. Tent manufacturers use heat or pressure to seal the seams, preventing water from seeping into the tent. You should also look for seams that have ten stitches per inch or more. Otherwise, the fabric may weaken and tear under pressure. Some waterproof tents do not have all of their seams sealed, so you need to be extra careful when buying one.

Waterproof tents usually have multiple layers of coating, which helps keep water from penetrating into the tent. Tents with multiple layers of coating will last longer. One of the most common types of coating is polyurethane, which is extremely durable. However, it can also be damaged by UV rays. To protect this coating, be sure to use your tent in a shady area.

A waterproof tent is important for family camping, as a wet sleeping pad and sleeping bag can ruin the whole camping experience. Plus, a damp environment is no fun for the kids. The best waterproof tents are also child friendly. You should choose one that has a rainfly that covers the entire tent.

Aside from being comfortable, waterproof tents also have a lot of features. They will protect your gear from rain and snow. In addition, you will be able to sit up and do other activities such as writing, reading, or eating lunch. In addition, big vestibules will keep your gear dry and let fresh air into the tent.

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