How to classify the movable tents in several styles?


Outdoor tents are available in a variety of styles and […]

Outdoor tents are available in a variety of styles and can be divided into three categories depending on the shape:
1. The first type is the most common A-shaped canopy. The movable tent has the widest span, and can be used from outdoor commercial promotion to large-scale exhibitions.
2. The second type is a pointed tent with a square at the bottom and a roof like a spire. Elegant appearance.
3, the third is a spherical tent, the dome is called "the strongest space, the lightest weight, the most effective design." Using a rigid and robust structure, you can temporarily hang lighting and sound equipment to decorate and fill Your event space.
4, each of the four is a spire combination tent, the last mixed type of A-shaped tent and steeple tent
5. The fifth type is a double-story tent, two-story structure, mostly glass walls, which can be seen in large-scale sports events.
6 The last one is a polygonal tent, which can be divided into hexagons, octagons, dodecagons, hexadecials, etc. It can also be combined with polygons and A-shapes.
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