How to clean and fold the waterproof tent?


When cleaning the waterproof tent first, for those ligh […]

When cleaning the waterproof tent first, for those lighter-colored cloth surfaces, avoid cleaning with some difficult-to-clean items during cleaning to prevent staining and destroy the aesthetic effect of the waterproof tent. After washing the white cloth surface, we can apply toothpaste on the surface, which can effectively prevent discoloration.


Secondly, when cleaning, the force must be appropriate, gentle and even, can not use a brush to brush with brute force, it is easy to damage the canvas line, but also easy to damage its color. In the process of using it, if there is a broken wire or scratch, we should find the waterproof tent manufacturer to solve it in time, and use it after repairing.
The front of the waterproof tent is spread out flat, leaving two side ropes, and the two sides in the length direction are folded toward the longitudinal center line of the tarp.
Divide the folded sides into three equal parts, and fold them twice toward the center line.
Fold the two sides of the waterproof tent in the width direction of the tarp toward the horizontal centerline, and then fold it in half toward the middle three times in a row, and then jump firmly.