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How to deal with hotel tents and foundations?

There are no restrictions on the construction of hotel tents, such as: land, beach, desert, lawn and other places can be used. However, in order to better provide tourists with a high-quality accommodation environment, hotel tents have certain requirements for setting up the ground. So what are the ground requirements for hotel tent construction? Hotel tents are generally set on flat ground, and various factors are considered in the outdoor environment. Therefore, it is necessary to build a platform more than 20 cm from the ground, usually a preservative wood floor. If the conditions do not allow, you can also consider using cement floors with ceramic tiles. Floor. The hotel tent is built on a wooden platform, which is more ecological and environmentally friendly, looks more beautiful, and can be well integrated into the natural environment. The function of the platform is not only beautiful and simple. The use of the platform allows the hotel tent to have a certain drop from the original ground. It can be placed into the hotel tent by rainwater, and it can also prevent outdoor animals such as mosquitoes, snakes and rats from entering the tent Inside the hotel, it achieves the functions of moisture-proof, mosquito-proof and antiseptic, which improves the accommodation experience of the hotel tent and the service life of the hotel tent itself, and is more durable in the outdoor environment.  The construction of the platform also facilitates the connection of the upper and lower water pipes, electric wires and other pipelines to the hotel tent. Therefore, although the hotel tent does not have too many restrictions on the construction site, it has certain requirements for the treatment of the ground. Tent manufacturers provide a variety of outdoor tent products, and can customize products according to customer needs. A professional design and construction team can provide customers with one-stop design, planning, customization, and construction services for tent hotels. Customers can check in directly with their keys, so you don’t have to worry about it. Please call us for more services!

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