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How to experience the best in a tent hotel

When life is the same, the feeling of happiness will be discounted. Nowadays, more and more urbanites are immersed in tired and unchanging work and life, eager to get out of the "cage" of reinforced concrete.
But often people are shouting the slogan "The world is so big, I want to see", while admiring the best friends who live in the natural world of fun. The reason is that the hard, stylized old-style outdoor travel is prohibitive!
Therefore, people are wondering if there is a new way of traveling that can enjoy the free and enjoyable scenery and enjoy the modern quality of life. Then come to the St. Ruth tent hotel experience!
1. On the vast grassland, in the warm morning light, wake up by the gentle kiss of the giraffe;
2. On the sunny tropical island, blowing the refreshing sea breeze and looking up at the horizon of the sea and sky;
3. On the towering hills, look at the surging clouds and feel the world like a fairyland;
4. In the lush virgin jungle, step on the meandering stream and admire the wildflower clusters on the roadside;
5. Under the beautiful cherry blossom trees, quietly telling your heart and mutual complaints with your beloved family;
6. The space is huge, two rooms and one hall; it is so beautiful, the ecology and the humanities are gathered together. Here, it is not the distress and discomfort of the camping. The family of three is perfectly integrated into nature, and the quality of leisure enjoys life.
7. The outdoor is the most natural original landscape, and the interior is a comfortable home with modernity and environmental protection.
This campsite is specially designed to match the softness of the log home and color, so that people can walk in the tent and they will be lazy.
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