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How to fold that kind of folding umbrella?

1. Treat the top of the umbrella first: After the umbrella is dried, fold it up. At this time, the cloth on the top of the umbrella will run out unevenly. Fold the cloth between each umbrella skeleton into the rib in a V shape, and the top of the umbrella will be folded. neat.

2. Then deal with the large area of ​​umbrella cloth: hold the sun umbrella straight, hold the end of the rib that is folded with one hand, and prevent the umbrella from spreading; you can also use the handle to fasten the end of the rib, but it will easily run out. With the other hand, follow the creases collected in step 1, divide the umbrella cloth with the rib as a boundary, and pull the creases out to the tail of the umbrella. After being collected, when viewed from the top of the umbrella, the umbrella cloth will appear as the sun's rays radiating.

3. Then deal with the lower marks: crease the lower rib of the folding umbrella, press the handle to hold the switch, and prevent the sun umbrella from opening, but the umbrella marks are scattered. Next, arrange the lower scar surface in the way of closing the umbrella cloth in step 2. After the umbrella cloth is collected, the lower scar umbrella cloth will appear in a radial shape when viewed from the handle. It should be noted that the umbrella cloth at the switch should be straightened along the line, and the umbrella cloth on the lower scar surface should be folded as much as possible after the umbrella surface is the same size.

4. Finally fold the umbrella: just follow the direction of the buckle to fold the umbrella, turn the umbrella, and fold the umbrella cloth along the way; it can also be placed on the desktop and rolled up, which is less crooked. It should be noted that the rib joints at the handle should be arranged in an irregular shape and face the same direction; Not good looking.

At the beginning, the folding umbrella will be ugly, and you will have your own experience when you collect it a few times, and the speed will be faster. Generally speaking, it takes five minutes at the earliest to close a folding umbrella to be beautiful. This is my experience and experience after I just bought a folding umbrella, opened it and put it away immediately, observed the pattern and structure of the umbrella, and practiced how to collect the umbrella. Experience, for reference only! 


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