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How to save the cheap folding tent?

There are a large number of wholesale folding tents, and the price of folding tents is low for large quantities. Choosing a folding tent mainly depends on the conditions under which you will use it. The tent is mainly suitable for three purposes: one is leisure, there is no bottom layer, and there are not many requirements for materials, so it is easy to carry, mainly for sunshade and temporary rest in leisure places such as beaches. For such products, in fact, they can be stored separately.

The tarpaulin of the folding tent cannot be washed in a washing machine. The camp post must be placed separately from the tent to avoid puncturing the tent. When storing the tent, the wet tent must be spread out and air-dried before closing. Even if it is not wet during the climbing process, the climber's breath will cause moisture to accumulate in the tent. Therefore, it is best to spread it out and dry it for a period of time before closing it. The tent should be folded irregularly, because the more the tent is used, the more regular and neat folding will cause the creases to harden and collapse.


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