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Known as a large tent house and a tent, is mainly used for various outdoor activities

The ringlet top tent, also known as a large tent house and a tent, is mainly used for various outdoor activities.

The main structure of the herringbone roof tent consists of two parts, one is the aluminum alloy main frame, the other is the tarpaulin. In fact, it is often equipped with other comprehensive facilities to beautify and improve various thematic activities.

1. The main structure of the large tent with herringbone roof is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The construction principle is aluminum box girder frame. The steel components are used to support and connect the columns. The roof is strengthened by cable-stayed strips. The roof and wall are enclosed by base cloth. The material is selected according to GB / T - 6063 standard of aluminium alloy profiles. It has been inspected by National Non-ferrous Metal Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and the material is qualified. The foundation of the tent is strong, and the materials and structures used have high integrity and safety. The building structure has reached a strict European standard. The whole structure has passed the wind test and destruction test of the professional organization.

Two. Tarpaulin is a professional coated fabric PVC. Durable bonding properties: knife-scrape coating technology applies physical and chemical bonding of liquid PVC and fibers, directly scraping the slurry on the fabric; solid welding properties: the fabric after welding can withstand great tension, even in severe environments such as hurricane, frequent operation, will not affect the sealing degree of the weld; Service life: Certain thickness not only gives knife-scrape coated fabric good anti-ultraviolet properties, but also prolongs the service life of the product; Good color fastness: because the pigment directly immersed in the PVC coating, so knife-scrape coated fabric can keep the color as bright as new. Anti-corrosion, mildew, ultraviolet and flame retardant (M2 and B1) properties are up to international standards. Proper use and preservation will prevent decay and mildew within three to five years.

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