Industrial storage tents to create a green warehouse


How to reduce energy consumption and make buildings mor […]

How to reduce energy consumption and make buildings more energy efficient has become the trend of global architecture. As a mobile building, Guangzhou Tengcheng Warehouse Tent not only realizes the maximum saving and limited resources, but also effectively protects the environment and reduces pollution and space use efficiency. It is necessary for building an environmentally friendly green warehouse! According to Baidu Encyclopedia, green warehousing refers to warehousing characterized by low environmental pollution, low cargo loss, and low transportation costs. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. The construction and dismantling of the awning houses is almost zero waste generation. All materials can be recycled and used safely and environmentally.
Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. has a flexible construction method and is not very demanding on the construction site. It can make full use of the scattered space of the open space, and there is no redundant support column in the tent. The space utilization rate is nearly 100%, and it is energy efficient. Guangzhou Tengcheng outdoor activity tents can be selected from a span of 3-60 meters, with a side height of 2.6-8 meters, and a length of 3 meters or 5 meters. The large area greatly reduces the pressure of the warehouse logistics in the peak season. Together with the superior quality of Tengcheng tent, it is windproof, waterproof, coldproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. It has German TUV certification and conforms to ISO international quality management system. It can withstand 8-10 winds and has stable structure.
Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. also has a personalized customization service, which can be customized for different sizes and specifications. According to the company's characteristics, different accessories can be decorated to highlight the corporate brand features. Within the tent, you can choose to use natural light to save energy and reduce emissions. You can also equip with lights. Guangzhou Tengcheng Tent Co., Ltd. provides a variety of accessories, such as cloth, drainage trough, glass door, ABS hardware wall, rolling door, etc., making the interior space more flexible. The production of the experienced Celt tents, using European-style German production system, industrial storage aluminum alloy tents generally have a longer service life, better maintenance can be used for more than 10 years, green and efficient.
Warehousing tents have many uses and can be used as industrial storage land, temporary workshops, agricultural warehouses, offices, etc. This time, Guangzhou Tengcheng Tent Co., Ltd. has brought new moves to everyone, and the warehouse has built a car station!
The outdoor aluminum alloy tent is fast, safe and durable. Its wind, waterproof and UV-resistant performance advantages can greatly reduce the impact of the high temperature on the car, and it eliminates the possibility of the car being caught by bird droppings and fruits. Therefore, the tent is not only used for auto show activities, but also as a case of parking garages.
The development of the industry will not stop, and everyone has added new features to the garage tent! The tents are not limited to the construction site, and do not require the advantages of a permanent foundation. Compared with permanent buildings, the construction cost is greatly reduced. As a gas station, the tent can be quickly built in a short time and can be moved on demand. Natural light can be used and green.
In the function of the parking garage, increase car-related services, such as car washing, waxing, etc., to connect the service chain to provide greater convenience for life. Moreover, Guangzhou Tengcheng Tent Co., Ltd. provides a variety of accessories, such as lighting, drainage channels and so on.
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