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Does the awning have a comprehensive external shading function?

Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. introduced that the awning has a comprehensive external shading function, which can completely block the radiation of ultraviolet rays, reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the load of the air conditioner; the awning has an energy saving effect.

Awnings, from the perspective of energy saving and environmental maintenance, are of great significance; awnings, while blocking the hot summer, can reflect the intense sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling. And it does not affect the landscape outside the window seen from the interior, and extends people's living space from indoors to outdoors, creating a new living space; the special anti-ultraviolet function of the sunshade cloth of the awning not only protects human skin from ultraviolet rays It also greatly prolongs the service life of interior decoration and furniture. The awning has rich and colorful shade patterns and colors, which users can choose according to their needs.

The awning should only be put away after it has been cleaned and dried. When the awning is wet but has to be folded, experts recommend that it be fully unfolded and dried when the opportunity arises. If it is wet by rain, the awning should be opened after the weather is fine, let the tarpaulin dry naturally before closing the mechanism.

The tarpaulin has been treated with waterproofing, so there are many small particles on the cloth surface. When cleaning, you cannot use a brush. You can only use a rag to gently wipe it and then rinse it with water, and do not press too hard on it. Before stopping any operation of the awning with automatic controller, be sure to cut off the power supply and close the automatic installation.

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