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How to clean outdoor awnings?

How to clean outdoor awnings?
1. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. introduced that when the awning is dry, use a soft brush to regularly remove dust.
2. Similar objects such as branches and leaves should be cleared in time.
3. If there are small stains on the awning cloth of the outdoor awning, use a soft brush dipped in ordinary detergent to brush lightly, and then rinse it with clean water several times until there is no residual detergent on the fabric, open it and dry it.
Try to keep the awning as dry as possible, and then put the awning away! After the outdoor trip, remember to hang the tent to air dry. If the tent is a little dirty, just gently scrub it with cold water! Never use chemical lotions or scrub hard, which will destroy the waterproof membrane on the surface of the fabric and reduce the waterproof effect of the awning.

The mildew of the awning will destroy the waterproofness of the awning. In case of mildew, use a sponge with a little detergent to gently brush the mildew. When camping in the wild:
Try to choose a flat camp, and remove the protrusions on the scheduled camp as much as possible. This prevents back discomfort while sleeping and also prevents the awning from being punctured.
Prepare extra ground cloth, spread the ground cloth under the awning, inside or outside the awning, but placing it outside will keep the awning clean and prevent stones or branches on the ground from damaging the tent itself. Ground cloth.
When entering the awning, do not put your shoes inside the awning.
The ultraviolet rays of the sun will damage the fabric strength of the tent. If there is no excess shade to cover the tent, it is recommended that you put up a rain cloth to block the sun and prevent the sun from directly reaching the tent.

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