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What are the functions of the awning?

1. Shelter from wind and rain:
The awning manufacturer explained that it is a good place to dry clothes, and the awning can block the wind and rain. A drying rack can be attached to the lower part to dry your clothes, even if it rains suddenly while you are out and about. More importantly, it can cut off the damage of ultraviolet rays to clothes and prevent them from fading and becoming old.

2. Block UV rays:
Block harmful ultraviolet rays, its canopy can cut off and absorb ultraviolet rays, and the ultraviolet rays in the sun will cause great damage to floors, walls, curtains, etc. If an awning is installed, it can prevent the interior decoration from cracking and fading.

3. Shading and energy saving:
The roof can play the role of shading, and the awning can avoid the sun. Blocking the hot sun in summer can control the rise of indoor temperature, so that the air-conditioning can also be greatly improved, thereby saving energy.

4. Expand outdoor space:
The outdoor work space can stop DIY operations that are difficult to stop indoors, and the awning creates a safe outdoor space against wind and rain. It is also suitable for operations that take up space, such as maintenance of fishing rods and golf equipment.

5. Play space for children's pets:
A place to bask in the sun in winter, play with your beloved pet or play as a child under the care of an awning. Terrace space makes our life more colorful, and can also cool down in summer.

6. Outdoor small living room:
With the awning, you can make the outdoors a small outdoor living room with a full sense of openness. Put on tables, chairs and barbecue utensils, if paired with natural polycarbon wood craftsmanship. Put on the greenery and gather the whole family together in Parti, so as to enjoy the wonderful family time.

7. Balcony small flower shed:
Bees fly and butterflies dance, and the terrace is also a good place for you to experience the fun of a home garden vegetable garden. Admire the flowers and plants. Don't be sentimental.

8. Outdoor small tea house
Make a cup of clear tea for myself, in the warm winter sun slanting in, light tea, and savor life carefully.

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