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Pay attention to fire prevention in large outdoor tents!

Due to the material characteristics of outdoor tents, large outdoor tents should pay attention to fire prevention! ! Otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with a fire without corresponding measures. Outdoor tents are equipped with a certain proportion of fire extinguishers in accordance with fire protection requirements, and signs of temporary buildings are made.

Now, more and more companies use tents, and the popularity rate of tents is also increasing. Naturally, the business of tent manufacturers is getting more and more popular, but there is a mixed bag of tent manufacturers in the market, and various certificates are not available. A complete set of companies disrupts the market arbitrarily. If you want to choose a satisfactory tent, you must develop a pair of eye-catching eyes, such as: the hardness and strength of aluminum alloy is not enough, the fire protection of the tent is not up to standard, the galvanized layer of steel parts is rough, etc. Even if the tent is beautiful in appearance, it will be uneasy in the future. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. tents are made of fire-resistant or flame-retardant tarpaulin materials. Customers who hold events can consider this type of tent.


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