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What are the common styles of tents?

There are many types of tents on the market. As far as their classification is concerned, people in the circle habitually divide them into two types. Wind, rainproof, and high-strength, the choice of materials is more sophisticated, and the production process is more complicated. It is a mid-to-high-end tent, suitable for mountaineering and expeditions in a more complicated climate environment. The other type is what we usually call "tourism type". It is designed for general outings and camping. It pays more attention to economy in the selection of materials. The production process is relatively simple. It is a low-grade tent and can be used as a general environment. camping.



Tents are divided into different styles in consideration of different purposes in design. As far as the shape of the tent is concerned, the common tents can be roughly divided into five styles.

A. Triangular tents, the front and back use herringbone iron pipes as supports, the middle frame is connected by a cross bar, the inner tent is supported, and the outer tent can be installed. This is the most common tent style in the early days.

B. The garden-top tent, also known as the yurt type, adopts double pole cross support, which is relatively easy to disassemble and assemble. It is currently the most popular style on the market.

C. Hexagonal tents adopt three-pole or four-pole cross support, and some adopt six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent. It is a common style of "mountain-type" tents.

D. The bottom-shaped tent is like a boat turned upside down after being propped up. It can be divided into two-pole and three-pole different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom and the two ends are the hall tents. The design pays attention to the wind flow line. It is also one of the common tent styles.

E. The ridge-shaped tent is shaped like an independent small tiled house. The support is usually four corners and four columns, and a structural ridged roof is placed on it. This kind of tent is generally taller and relatively heavy, suitable for motorists or relatives. It is used in camping for fixed field work, so it is called the vehicle-mounted tent.

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