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Which points should be inspected before the tent is put into use?

The use of tents is increasing and they are welcomed by various enterprises. However, as the frame structure of the entire building, how to accept it after construction? If you don’t understand, please learn from Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd.



1. Check the quantity of data according to the list: a built-in shed warehouse, each file is related to the overall stability of the tent, so we should build and accept it according to the list of materials and a list of items provided by the manufacturer. Confirm that the quantity is correct before delivery.

2. Check the compactness of each spare part: The stability of the shed warehouse depends on the close integration of the entire frame, so that the load-bearing capacity of the entire tent is evenly distributed in each part. If the screws at the connection are not tightened and the waterproof cloth is too loose, these details will not be checked and corrected, and the overall service life of the tent will also be affected.

3. Various level measurements around the large tent warehouse: The standard frame structure requirements of the entire tent are also greatly affected. Perhaps the distance between the two sides is 1cm, and the horizontal plane difference of the column is 1cm, which will make the frame of the entire tent more deformed. Obviously, the more obvious the manifestation of the large area of ​​the tent.

4. Inspection of fixed facilities on the ground: The tent feet are the foundation of the entire warehouse, and different floors have different fixed policies. The qualified method of fixing feet can save the time and energy of the customer's tent maintenance, and at the same time, it can also add a layer of protection to the overall safety of the tent.

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