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What are the advantages of engineering tents?

Advantages of engineering tents:



1. The disassembly is simple and quick. It can be inflated within 3-10 minutes. It can be installed or disassembled in a very short time, saving precious time. If you add cotton, the lining will keep warm.
2. The engineering tent is produced by a combination of adhesive bonding and high-frequency heat. For dengue fever, PVC double-sided coated cloth is used, and the packaging cloth is made of waterproof and anti-ultraviolet materials. It has the advantages of fast forming, high strength, anti-burning, anti-mildew, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof, etc. It is an inflatable tent. The tent frame is an air column structure, which is lighter than ordinary metal bracket tents. It is small in size after folding and easy to carry.
3. It is convenient for construction work at night. After the electric light is connected in the project tent, the construction personnel can work normally in the tent without being affected by the dark night, cold and strong outdoor wind, as in the daytime.
4. Cooking and overnight stay are also available. The working conditions in the field are harsh and life is inconvenient. Sometimes the construction workers need to walk several kilometers to eat. They can cook in a simple engineering tent and sleep at night, which is very convenient.
5. Ensure the quality of construction and welding. As we all know, the weather is cold in winter, and the PE pipe is affected by wind and low-temperature air-conditioning during the welding process, which is prone to allow folding, false welding and other undesirable phenomena. For welding work, protect from wind and rain, create a windless and dry environment, and ensure welding quality.

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