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What are the essentials for choosing a tourist tent?

Tourist tents are the most commonly used and one of the most important equipment in tourist camping activities. At the same time, the application of tourist tents is also quite extensive. The tourist tent has sufficient space, stable structure and good ventilation performance. Can camp outdoors or take a break in the public park. It can also be used at home, with a balcony to cool off. When not in use, put it in the carrying bag attached to the tent. It is small in size and very convenient to carry with you.


Tourist tents are essential equipment for people in camping activities in the wild. According to the purpose and scale of our activities, choosing an appropriate tent will make our travel and camping activities more comfortable and more colorful. When choosing a tent, we must pay attention to the size, structure, weight, strength, color and other functions and properties of the tent. Attention must also be paid to the width, height, insect-proof, waterproof and ventilation properties of the tent. Combination and disassembly must be simple and easy to master. After disassembly, it is small in size and light in weight, which is easy to carry.


When choosing a tourist tent, we must pay attention to it. In addition to camping, rest and sleep, the tourist tent must also place luggage and utensils. If we conduct military training and related activities, we can also choose camouflage-type tourist tents. Camouflage was used in the military in the early days. The camouflage-colored reflected light wave is roughly the same as the reflected light wave of the surrounding scenery. It can only confuse the enemy's visual reconnaissance, and can also deal with infrared reconnaissance, making it difficult for the enemy's modern reconnaissance equipment to capture the target.


Now, camouflage has bid farewell to the history that can only be displayed in the military, and has become an increasingly popular object of fashion. Precautions for the use of sleeping bags for tourist tents , A wet sleeping bag does not keep warm. Although the chemical fiber still keeps warm and dries quickly, the effect of keeping warm has decreased significantly. Because the new sleeping bag is squeezed in the bag for too long, the bulkiness will be poor, which is not warm enough. We must spread out the sleeping bag to make it fluffy before use, the more fluffy, the more comfortable it will be.


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