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What kind of wall is suitable for warehouse tents?

Warehouse tents are often referred to as storage tents. They are generally used in the industrial storage industry. They can solve the storage and construction problems of production enterprises during the off-peak and peak seasons. There are many choices for the standard scale and wall type of warehouse tents, and many companies are entangled in this process and do not know how to choose.


In terms of the standard scale, the production company only needs to determine it according to its own storage needs. So what kind of wall is suitable for warehouse tents? Industrial storage tents are sensitive and changeable. Whether it is ordinary custom tarpaulins, ABS hard walls, color steel tile walls, and glass curtain walls, they can achieve multiple functions inside the warehouse tents, so as to satisfy different storage applications. need. Therefore, for production companies, there will not be too many complicated problems in selecting equipment for warehouse accounts based on practical use requirements.


At present, ABS wall warehouse tents are the most common in outdoor use of tents. ABS walls have strong heat resistance, low temperature resistance, better hardness and safety, and they can be seen in many areas. It is one of the most commonly used walls for warehouse tents in the storage industry.


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