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What kind of help can prefabricated storage tents provide to enterprises?

Due to professional needs, the utilization rate of prefabricated storage tents has been very high in recent years. Because of its features such as quick disassembly, mobility, and recyclability, it is widely favored by major companies, especially production-oriented companies and logistics and other occupations.


For these companies, it can be said that warehousing is a big problem. Every year, we have to face inventory problems such as "empty warehouses" in cold seasons, peak seasons and "explosive warehouses". If an enterprise were to make a traditional warehouse construction at this time, the various procedures would be cumbersome, and it would consume a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. This intangible added a lot of capital to the enterprise, but also brought some losses to the enterprise. At this time, it is necessary to build temporary assembly storage tents or replace traditional construction with storage.


The prefabricated storage tent can quickly solve the problem of enterprise storage. The method of selecting unit combination and modular production establishment of the prefabricated storage tent enables the tent manufacturer to create a large area of ​​prefabricated warehouse tent space in a short time (such as a One thousand square meters can only take one day at the fastest), which can quickly solve the storage problems in peak seasons such as enterprises and logistics. It is a solution designed for temporary storage of enterprises.


Prefabricated storage tents can save costs for enterprises. Some people say that there are many companies that rent factory warehouses on the market. In peak seasons, they can choose to rent storage tents to solve storage problems. In fact, the location of the primary warehouse cannot be chosen at will by you, so a lot of costs have also been increased in terms of logistics and transportation. Secondly, leasing other people's warehouses will not cost less, but will increase costs for the company.


And if you choose to build a prefabricated storage tent, the cost is much lower than that of traditional construction, generally only about 200-450 yuan / square meter, and the details need to be determined according to the standard size of the storage tent and supporting equipment. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the long service life of the tent. Now the general prefabricated warehouse tent frames are made of aluminum alloy profiles. The service life can reach more than 20 years and the appearance is beautiful, which greatly improves the efficiency of the enterprise and reduces Reduce the cost of corporate expenditures.


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