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Is the outdoor banquet tent better with a glass curtain wall or a PVC tarp?

Since the usual hotels are too difficult to book, I believe that many new couples are not worried about money for weddings, but are annoyed by the choice of venues! The banquet tent that can be matched with outdoor weddings is not only changeable in style, but also can satisfy your romantic outdoor wedding wishes, allowing you to hold a dream wedding under the blue sky and white clouds.

The outdoor banquet tent is what we often call the wedding shed. The frame profile is often made of high-quality aluminum alloy, and the exterior is mainly made of PVC tarpaulin or glass curtain wall. There are many choices of common PVC tarpaulins: transparent tarpaulin, translucent and opaque double-sided coated knife scraper cloth, all of which are waterproof, sun-proof, and flame-retardant.

Relatively speaking, the transparent PVC cloth is more high-end atmosphere than the other two. Similar to the glass curtain wall, it can be directly viewed from the inside to the outside. At night, you can also watch the starry sky in the awning together. It is very romantic to think about it. Moreover, the cost of indoor lighting can be saved under the condition of sufficient daylight.

In addition, the opaque tarpaulin can ensure privacy for users. In terms of color, there are also a variety of choices, the common ones are white and red. We can also stop spray painting or printing different patterns and event slogans on the outside of the tarp, which is not only suitable for weddings, but also for various outdoor activities.

Finished talking about the PVC cloth and the glass curtain wall. We all know that glass is transparent. Relatively speaking, glass will become taller and taller as an exterior wall, and it has a similar effect to transparent tarpaulin, that is, you can directly enjoy the beautiful scenery outside, allowing you to truly feel the experience of nature. Close contact.


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