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Large outdoor activities aluminum alloy tent construction and installation (1)

The first step: positioning the column bottom plate First determine the ground level of the installation site, and then position the bottom plate. The distance from the center of the bottom plate to the center of the bottom plate is 15 meters in the longitudinal direction and 5 meters in the horizontal direction. Because this tutorial is based on a tent with a span of 15 meters, the longitudinal distance is 15 meters. The horizontal direction is the length direction of the tent, which can be extended infinitely by a multiple of 5 meters. Note that it must be a center-to-center distance. After determining the position of the four base plates, then measure whether the distances of the diagonal lines are equal. If you are not equal, you must re-adjust the position. Make sure that it is a rectangle instead of a parallelogram. After the position is fixed, the bottom plate of the column is fixed at the corresponding four positions. The same method fixes and fixes the other base plates in the length direction. Step 2: Place the parts The column, the corner node, the inclined beam A section, the oblique beam B section (two oblique beams are required for the span of more than 14 meters), and the inclined beam receiving parts (for the oblique beam A section and the oblique beam section B, 14 There is no such part below the span of the meter. The top node is placed as shown below. All the parts form a gable, which is the so-called span-shaped chevron frame. Place the other gable parts on the same principle, and be sure to lay them flat on one side in one direction. Step 3: Connect the inclined beam A/B section Insert the inclined beam A into the inclined beam receiving part of the oblique beam B section (we will assemble the inclined beam receiving part to the oblique beam B section when we package), and insert two screws (Note: the small hole is not installed first) Screw). Step 4: Install the top node Connect the connected section of the inclined beam AB to the top node, pry the screws in and tighten. If it is the first gear, you must install the wire cable, and install the buckle on one end of the wire cable without the cable on the second hole of the B section of the diagonal beam, as shown below: 拴 screw, slightly tighten the nut, Make sure that the buckle seat is free to rotate Note: When inserting the screws, note that the screw rods are generally facing the inside of the tent, and the first gable is opposite to the screw of the second gable. In particular, the installation direction of the wire cable must be relative, only When the gable is erected, the wire rope can be pulled. Use this method to install all the top nodes and the inclined beam AB segments. Step 5: Install the corner node Insert the oblique end of the corner node into the section A of the diagonal beam, and connect the upper end of the column to the straight end of the corner node, while threading the screw and screwing on the nut. Note: If installing the wire cable and the cross bar, install the screw on the hole above the diagonal end of the corner node, and install the screw on the hole below the straight end of the corner node. The same method is used to install other corner nodes. Step 6: Connect the column to the bottom plate Align the lower insert hole on the post with the screw on the bottom plate and tighten the nut. The same method is used to connect the other column base and column. Note that the entire installation process must be handled with care, and it is necessary to use the wooden side to pad the assembled gables. When moving the aluminum, be sure to lift the entire frame to avoid the sand and other materials on the ground and the aluminum. Friction of the article causes scratches on the surface of the aluminum. In addition, you can install the column and the bottom plate before installing the column and corner joints. The effect is the same. After assembling all the gables, place a ladder (letter ladder) next to the floor on both sides of the first gable to erect the gable and install the crossbar, prepare the screws and wrenches and personnel, and lift the crossbar to the column. Beside the side. It is best to install more than 12 people in a tent with a span of 15 meters to prepare for all work and then enter the vertical gable. wholesale tents

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