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Location selection of outdoor waterproof tents

When we build waterproof tents, especially when building waterproof tents in the wild, we must pay attention to the choice of location, because this is very important, only when the location is selected, the waterproof tents we build are safe. Below I will introduce the selection method when building waterproof tents. If you are in a higher open area, you should move down; if you are in a place with low humidity and resistance, you should move up. The ideal place should be a high place that can be protected from wind and rain, and can not be flooded by torrents, and this place will not be The threat of falling rocks or avalanches. The density of hot air is lower than that of cold air, so cold air is often extracted at the bottom of the valley. When the temperature is low, wet mist and frost are easily formed. In some areas, there are many platforms along the slopes that receive rainwater, which are relatively wet, and other departments on the slopes are relatively dry. The ideal location should also be close to the water source, there are enough available trees around, do not set up waterproof tents too close to the water source, because it is very vulnerable to mosquito harassment, and the sound of running water will interfere with your judgment I won't even notice it, or miss the rescue team. The height of the maximum flood flow on the river bank should be found-mountain streams can become turbulent rapids within minutes of heavy rain, and the water level can rise by five meters in one hour! Beyond the river channel, the heavy rain that falls around the mountains and rivers can easily turn into a rolling flood without any warning. To choose such a place-flat without too many stones, so you have enough space to send a distress signal, easy to be found by rescuers.

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