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Market demand and improvement direction of tents (1)

In China, the proportion of industrial use in total fiber is far lower than in developed countries, and its unique functions have not been fully utilized. With the continuous development of the country's economic construction and various undertakings, the application of the industry in various fields has received increasing attention. In particular, the urgent demand for tents during the Wenchuan earthquake relief this year, and the large demand for post-disaster reconstruction for geotextiles, building reinforcement materials and other products, are warning industrial industries to accelerate development and increase product technology content to meet emergency events, High-level requirements for economic construction and development of various undertakings. To this end, this edition of the Industrial Special Edition has organized a series of reports on "Viewing Industrial Development after the Disaster" starting from this issue, focusing on analyzing and reporting on China's tents, geotextiles, building reinforcement materials, filtering materials and other industries used in disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. And the role played in various areas of the national economy. I hope this group of reports will bring more thought to the industry. Tents are special materials for rescue and disaster relief, and China's usual reserve is around 180,000. In the earthquake relief, 900,000 people were urgently needed in the earthquake-stricken area. The Ministry of Civil Affairs arranged a total of 75 enterprises in the country to produce the tents in the disaster-stricken area. In the relief process of the Wenchuan earthquake, tents played a huge role, especially the scene of textile companies rushing to make tents day and night, and many people began to pay attention to the tent industry that they rarely paid attention to in the past. In fact, in addition to earthquake relief, military training, field operations, etc. are often used in tents, it also plays an important role in our daily life. From fiber to fabric, from traditional methods to the use of high-tech methods, China's tent industry has undergone tremendous changes. Even if it is not because of disaster relief, people from all walks of life think that tents are an industry that should not be ignored.

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