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Million British fans bring backpacks and tents to music festivals

Thousands of fans flocked to the festival Somerset Ticket Office, looking forward to booking the best camping locations. More than 1.75 million people will arrive at Worthy Farm in Pilton in the next five days to watch hundreds of shows. The carnival crowd came with countless backpacks and trolleys, which were filled with various supplies during the weekend music festival, including alcoholic drinks. Experts remind that there may be showers later on the 26th local time, and carnivals need to take precautions against rain. Once, attending a music festival meant not enjoying a luxurious life in a day or two, but now the situation at the festival has changed a lot. As the revelers arrived at the scene, their list of middle-class festivals was also clear, including the shortest shorts, the most expensive rain boots, and of course the best food. The ladies did not forget to dress up carefully as usual, hoping that they would be the most beautiful during the music festival, and some of them also brought hair curls, and some started to put on makeup before finishing the hood. There are 6,000 tents per hour at Worthy Farm. Thousands of people even spend the night in the car to find the best camping site, waiting for the gate of the campsite to open. Tickets for the Glastonbury Festival were 215 pounds (about 2275.6 yuan) each, and they were snapped up at 1:27 minutes, the first time in such a short time. Tickets for the first festival in 1970 were only £ 1 (approximately 10.6 yuan), with only 1,500 participants. custom tent

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