Outdoor activity tent to create a beer festival music festival feast


As the hot summer approaches, many large and small beer […]

As the hot summer approaches, many large and small beer festivals in China have begun to be planned, and it is indispensable to provide a comfortable environment for drinking and drinking. Which tent products are suitable for Oktoberfest?
At present, the domestic beer festival has achieved good results after years of development, such as Tsingtao Beer Festival, Harbin Beer Festival, Dalian Beer Festival have already had a certain international influence, and the tents mainly used in front of these major beer programs are It is based on the herringbone roof, and then decorated on the outside to create a different brand of beer festival tents.
Why is the herringbone tent room suitable for Oktoberfest?
The reason why the herringbone canopy is widely used by the Oktoberfest is that the size of the gable canopy is 3-60 meters and the length can be extended infinitely at intervals of 5 meters, which can provide a variety of specifications, except There is a large beer space for the Oktoberfest, and other tents can be used as an event. Second, the current technology of the herringbone roof room is very mature. The aluminum alloy frame has no problem in the outdoor 8-10 winds, and the production cost is low. At present, many tent manufacturers can, so the event organizer not only purchases easily, And it can save costs!
Oktoberfest tents innovative choice: spherical tent
The herringbone beer festival tent is practical but lacks novelty, and with the ever-increasing specifications available in spherical tents, the spherical tent is currently well suited for use as a beer festival tent. First of all, the spherical tent has a unique appearance, and the tarpaulin is also available in various forms such as translucent, transparent, and pattern printing, which can bring new attention to the Oktoberfest. Moreover, the interior of the tent is spacious, and the currently used 30-meter-diameter spherical tent has 700 square meters (the maximum capacity of the tent can be 100 meters), and the inner dome space can also bring a different beer environment. !
And the spherical tent can also be combined with the projection of the ball screen to create an immersive viewing space for the entire beer scene. Imagine an unforgettable experience of drinking beer with friends in a surrounding scene. Set up a stage in the middle of the spherical tent for a variety of performances or singing, instantly igniting the atmosphere of the scene, bringing a different experience for the Oktoberfest!
In general, the herringbone canopy is more suitable for the Oktoberfest, but the spherical tent is also a good innovation, but no matter what type of Oktoberfest music festival tent you need, just tell Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd., we can all create the right beer festival tent solution for you.
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