Outdoor tents become a rigid demand for sporting events


The combination of sports events and tents has already […]

The combination of sports events and tents has already passed through numerous competitions. The two complement each other and even have some meaning of high mountains and rivers. In terms of world-wide influences, the four-year World Cup, the European Cup, the four-year Olympic Games and the comprehensive sports on all continents, as well as all the Formula Championships (such as F1 racing, F1 racing) , World Rally Championships, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Dakar Rally, etc.), various horse racing, golf tournaments, etc., there is nowhere to be a tent.
Almost all of today's far-reaching events are global and cyclical. Every season, they need to set foot on more than half of the earth to complete their tour. What is the tent? It is a mobile environment and a temporary building. This physical property is destined to have only a tent, in order to perfectly serve the characteristics of the rotation of sports events.
Not far from the distance, and said that the Shenzhen F1 rowing stadium is close at hand, there is almost no permanent building in the athletes' area of ​​the stadium. Temporary restaurants, mobile toilets, viewing platforms, referees, live stage, etc., all use tents. Temporary construction. The maintenance and rest rooms of the rowing teams are the tents they purchased themselves, which are specially modified for the interior, and then carry the tents to the F1 rowing events around the world. The F1 rowing is the same, the F1 is the same, and the World Rally Championship is the same.
This is the tent, the mobile environment, the rigid needs of sports events, and a temporary building that brings many conveniences.
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