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Principles you must adhere to when buying a tent

When you're ready to spend the night in the wild, you can choose from tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, snow caves, or shelters. The tent is the most commonly used method, because it is easy to set up, it can be rain-proof and reused, and it can be set up at any place, and it is wind-proof and sun-proof. There is enough space inside for the climbers to put equipment. Buying a tent depends on your purpose, such as summer, non-snow, snow or four seasons; the number of people the tent can hold; the space you want to have; the weight of the tent; the price you can accept. Manufacturers offer many combinations of different sizes, weights, and designs, and you can choose according to your needs. Regardless of whether the tent is single-layer or double-layer, it is necessary to understand the waterproofness and breathability of the tent cloth. If it is completely waterproof, moisture will condense in the inner tent and cause a small puddle at the bottom. It may also drench the sleeping bag. Cheap single-layer tents can only be used in lower forest locations and must be fairly ventilated, because single-layer tents are completely waterproof and air-tight. So the best choice is double In tents, the inner tent needs to be highly breathable. The outer tent is a completely waterproof plastic cloth. Therefore, the outer tent will still retain the moisture leaked from the inner tent. The inner and outer tent cloths must not touch or stick together because they stick together. It will cause the water in the external tent to penetrate into the internal tent. At the same time, the external tent must completely cover the internal tent and the entrance and exit. Sometimes a waterproof cloth can be placed on the bottom to prevent moisture infiltration, keep the bottom clean and increase the service life. Different tent designs have different degrees of support. When buying, you must consider your own use, especially during the snow season. Lightweight tents should be spacious and sturdy enough to meet some special needs. Generally, two-person tents are the most commonly used tents because they are easy to carry, easy to find camps, and can be used by three or single persons. The best color for the tent is warm colors such as yellow, orange or red. When you are trapped, conspicuous color will be easily noticed. Avoid cooking in tents, especially stoves that use gasoline. This kind of furnace has a pungent odor, easily spills fuel oil, and the firepower cannot be controlled. This is a latent crisis. Especially when cooking in a waterproof nylon tent, there is often a feeling of suffocation. Cooking can also cause many small water droplets to condense in the inner tent. If there is a real need to cook in the tent, it is best to carry out between the well-ventilated tents.

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